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Whisky's in Glasgow's Blood

Whisky runs through the city's industrial heritage like the Clyde itself. Which is why our gleaming new Scotch Whisky Distillery at the Queen's Dock has a touch of the inevitable about it. From here at the Pumphouse, the heart of Clydeside today, Customs & Excise kept a watchful eye on exports of liquid gold. Turns out, our ancestor, John Morrison, built this very Dock in 1836 while he was busy building half the city. One whole generation before our family discovered whisky. John also had a hand in raising Loch Katrine, whose pure soft water goes into making Clydeside Single Malt Whisky today.

Old Image of River Clyde

Our family believes in making things well

It's why we've brought together the best of the old and the new at Clydeside Distillery, using traditional techniques for making our exquisite new Clydeside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The craftsmen distil our new spirit by hand, using all the senses. We know from experience that this time-honoured method is the best way to create beautiful new make spirit.

Watching our craftsmen working also makes a visit to Clydeside one of the most interesting things to do in Glasgow today.

Learn more about our family's history of distilleries in Scotland.

The city was once home to countless distilleries, blending houses and bonded warehouses, bottling plants, cooperages, maltsters and other associated businesses. One of the first malt distilleries to be built in Glasgow for over a century, Clydeside Distillery will celebrate the significant role that whisky has played in shaping both our city and Scotland as a whole, while putting Glasgow right back on the Scotch whisky map.

Tim Morrison