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Guest Author

A Star Rises in The West

Norry Wilson

In a year of unprecedented challenges and changes, we hold tight to the certainties in life – love, work and play, old pals, new friends, and the pleasure of a good dram. 

We look back to the joys of Christmases past, confront the reality of Christmas present, and raise a glass to the promise of the Christmases yet to come, when, once again, we will all be able to meet, embrace, raise a glass, and share our tales and stories. 

And what a year it has been for the wise men and women at The Clydeside Distillery. While their New Make Spirit lay sleeping (but not really sleeping) in its barrels, and with no visitors to welcome, they turned their hard-working hands to producing and distributing sanitiser to our frontline carers and emergency staff. That’s what we do in Glasgow, we help our friends and neighbours; we are part of the community. 

While the fortunes of Glasgow and the Clyde – like the tide on our lazy river - have risen, fallen, and risen again, so Christmas present brings the promise and gift of a true festive present – the birth of the Clydeside Distillery’s first whisky. 

Where, once, the ‘hammers’ ding-dong’ was the Song of the Clyde, of late, the rushing sound of a new make spirit has been the gurgling and bubbling lullaby of the river.  

The stills haven’t been still, lockdown couldn’t hold back their tide of cheer. Nothing stops the uisge-beatha – the ‘water of life’ – from flowing. 
Alchemy isn’t too strong a word for it – turning our soft Scottish rain into Glasgow’s newest whisky, really is an act of magic! 

It’s been a long gestation – three years and one day – and the angels have already taken their share, but its proud parents can’t wait for you to meet it. 

We might all feel a bit battered and bruised, but the spirit of the Clydeside is still strong. 

So, this Christmas, as we look back, we also look forward, and ask you to join us in raising a dram to better, and brighter days ahead.  


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