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Whisky Tasting Debrief: Glengoyne

Glengoyne Whisky Tasting

This month’s whisky tasting evening took place at The Clydeside Distillery on Thursday 16th of May hosted by Danielle Murphy, the regional sales manager for Ian McLeod Distillers Ltd. Danielle looks after a portfolio of spirits, one of them being the beloved Glengoyne.

The whisky line up was selected to showcase Glengoyne’s “unhurried” process in producing their product range. The guests were taken through Glengoyne’s youngest whiskies; the 10 and 12-year-old, followed by an introduction to the limited edition Legacy Series One and their Cask Strength. And finally, finishing on the anticipated 18 and 21-year-old.

The Drams

The range displays how Glengoyne master their distillation in an unhurried manner to perfect all aspects of the spirit. With the evening sun streaming in through The Clydeside’s window, first up the 10-year-old was imagined alongside some soda water, ice and wedge of lime – an ideal drink for a warm summer evening like that night. All of Glengoyne’s whisky is matured in sherry casks from Ximenez, Spain. However, their 12-year-old is the sole whisky filled in ex-bourbon casks for 20% of its maturation, and the sweeter notes of vanilla and coconut were very much present.

Much apprehension was discussed regarding this year's release of the Legacy Series One as it was Glengoyne’s first product to be unaged. But what a treat it was. Series One is a limited edition and they are planning on bringing out a new series each year, so keep eyes peeled next year for a second series.

The Cask Strength is one of their un-chill filtered whiskies where each batch will be different and of a variety of ages. Batch 4 was tasted and if you like this, you will certainly like the Tea Pot Dram. Perfect description of this on the nose was crème brûlée, but with a cask strength whisky, you are going to get that kick of alcohol at 58.4%.

Lastly, 2 classic after dinner whiskies were poured. The 18-year-old dips into chocolate tertiary on the nose. It was a 59% first cask fill with 50% second fill. Lastly, the 21-year-old, a firm favourite from the group, was interestingly a 95% first cask fill. The colour on this one is completely natural, an incredible product after 21 years.

About Glengoyne


Glengoyne Distillery by Shirokazan

Glengoyne remains one of the single malt distilleries in Scotland owned by an independent-family business, Ian McLeod Distillers Ltd.  The distillery was first built in 1820 and is the same site you will visit today, around 40 minutes from Glasgow. Glengoyne is the first distillery on the (imaginary) Highland whisky map. Their distillation work is conducted on the Highland line, which allows them to be classed as a Highland Single Malt. The name Glengoyne was established after a relaunch in 1907 and means glen of the wild geese (‘goyne’ meaning geese in Scottish Gaelic). The reason behind this is, to this day, wild geese live on the land around the distillery. Glengoyne is known to have one of the slowest distillation processes where they produce 4 litres every minute for a lighter flavour, in comparison to 9-12 litres that other distilleries produce. This is something they take pride on and why on a bottle of Glengoyne, words “unhurried” are stated.

Next whisky tasting evening

Our next whisky tasting is with Glenfiddich at The Clydeside Distillery on the 20th of June 2019. 

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