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The distillery will be closed to the general public from the 18th of October until the 17th of November due to COP26 at the SEC. 

We are closed today.

From just 3 humble ingredients our master distillers apply their craft to produce our amazing spirit

From our water source, to our malted barley, to the specially-selected casks, we pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality ingredients.

We're dedicated to using traditional methods to produce our delicate New Make Spirit, the time-honoured way. 

The malting process

  • Simpsons Malt truck extracting the malt

    Step 1

    After the barley has been analysed in the laboratory, it is unloaded and placed through a dresser and screens to remove any undesirable elements.

  • malt

    Step 2

    The grains are then dried and placed in storage. Each store store has its temperature tailored to the moisture content of the barley.

  • Malting Process

    Step 3

    Steeping starts the active malting process. The grains are placed into steeping vessels and are hydrated to a precise point through a cycle of ‘wets’ and ‘air rests’ over two days.

  • malt in a palm

    Step 4

    The grains are then cast onto a germination & kilning vessel where, in temperature-controlled conditions, enzymes are produced and starch is released.

  • Malting Process

    Step 5

    After four days’ germination, the barley is kilned in the same vessel, with warm air circulating and reducing moisture from 45% to 5% for the finished malt.

  • Malted barley on tray before being transferred to mill

    Step 6

    The finished, unpeated malt is transported to The Clydeside Distillery, ready for milling through our four roll mill