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The Distillery

Your Time At Clydeside Distillery

Whisky Stills in the Still House at the Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow, overlooking the River Clyde

  • Discover the history of Glasgow and our whisky in our Dockside Story
  • Watch our distillers at work handcrafting the entire distillation process the time-honoured way
  • Taste a range of single malt whiskies from across Scotland in a regional whisky tasting
  • Label your own bottle of your favourite single malt whisky to take home with you
  • Enjoy lunches and bites in our sumptuous Café
  • Buy beautiful malts from all over Scotland in our Whisky Shop

Dockside Story

Our tours all start with time to wander around our Dockside Story. It's brimming with fascinating tales about Glasgow history in the heyday of the Queen's Dock and the birth of the whisky industry. Live animation and film footage bring the history to life.


Next, one of our expert guides will take you around the Distillery. Watch our craftsmen handcrafting our spirit the traditional way. You could see the grist added to the mash tun... the yeast hand-pitched into the washbacks... the plunging of the Doonker... and the fine art of cutting to the heart of the run of fresh spirit from our two copper stills.

Tasting Room

Finally, you can taste Three Wee Drams from contrasting whisky regions of Scotland. Here everyone can learn about nosing and tasting, exploring the unique characteristics of each whisky. Buy your favourite in our Whisky Shop and personalise it with our Label Your Own service.

Blenders' Room

Take in the ambience and enjoy spectacular views over the Still House and River Clyde. It's perfect for more personal tasting sessions, complete with Scottish regional cheeses to cleanse the palate. Get in touch and ask about our Queen's Dock Tours.

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Tasting is all about nosing

Our guides will talk you through how to enjoy your whisky and discover its unique characteristics... it'll take every sense you've got. The colour, the smell... (gently does it - whisky's so strong it could blow you away.) And finally, the taste, appreciating the mouthfeel and incredible different flavours. Next, you'll add a wee drop of water and repeat the sensory process. You'll be amazed how scents and flavours shift and change.

Slàinte! (Cheers! in Gaelic)