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2023 Clydeside Limited Edition

Limited Edition Clydeside Distillery

We’re very excited to announce that our new 2023 Limited Edition expression of Clydeside is available now at the distillery gift shop and will be making its way out to other markets shortly. 

Bottled at 60.6% ABV and matured entirely in ex-Bourbon casks, the sweet and fruity Lowland character that has made our Stobcross such a hit with whisky drinkers is front and center in this release as well.

“We’re very happy with the result,” stated Clydeside Distillery Manager Alistair McDonald when we asked him recently about his thoughts on the whisky; “The citrus, the banana notes, the tropical fruits—it all comes together as a wonderful Lowland style whisky.”

Those Clydeside fans who have visited the distillery and taken the tour already know that our signature Lowland style is created between the mashing and the fermentation and then captured within the distillation. “There’s a real fruitiness that makes its way into the new make spirit,” Alistair added; “It works really well with a Bourbon cask; hence, the reason we went that direction for the new cask strength release. We feel it’s different, but it’s clearly a Lowland style and it has its own signature character to be Clydeside.”

As one of our retail partners put it: “Somehow it manages to display the softness that you'd expect from a Lowland whisky, while exploding with flavour.”

The 2023 Clydeside Limited Edition is available now at the distillery and at select retailers in the UK. It will be available in other global markets shortly.