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From just 3 humble ingredients, our master distillers have captured the essence of the Lowlands

From our water source, to our malted barley, to the specially-selected casks, we pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality ingredients and adhering to the lighter, mellow Lowland style.

We're dedicated to using traditional methods to produce our delicate new make spirit, the time-honoured way, as family has learned over generations of whiskymaking.

The malting process

  • Simpsons Malt truck extracting the malt

    Step 1

    After the barley has been analysed in the laboratory, it is unloaded and placed through a dresser and screens to remove any undesirable elements.

  • malt

    Step 2

    The grains are then dried and placed in storage. Each store store has its temperature tailored to the moisture content of the barley.

  • Malting Process

    Step 3

    Steeping starts the active malting process. The grains are placed into steeping vessels and are hydrated to a precise point through a cycle of ‘wets’ and ‘air rests’ over two days.

  • malt in a palm

    Step 4

    The grains are then cast onto a germination & kilning vessel where, in temperature-controlled conditions, enzymes are produced and starch is released.

  • Malting Process

    Step 5

    After four days’ germination, the barley is kilned in the same vessel, with warm air circulating and reducing moisture from 45% to 5% for the finished malt.

  • Malted barley on tray before being transferred to mill

    Step 6

    The finished, unpeated malt is transported to The Clydeside Distillery, ready for milling through our four roll mill