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General enquiries

  1. At what time do the distillery tours leave?

    We run three tours at the Clydeside Distillery: The Clydeside Tour, The Chocolate & Whisky Tour and our Distillery Manager Tour. The Clydeside Tour runs hourly from 10-4pm, the Chocolate & Whisky Tour runs daily at 3.30pm (with additional tours running Thursday-Saturday), and the Distillery Manager Tour runs every Thursday at 2pm. Find out more information and how to book your whisky distillery tour here.

  2. Can I try different whiskies at the distillery?

    You can try lots of different types of Scotch Whisky from a range of regions and with a large spectrum of flavours at the Pumphouse Cafe. We offer drams and whisky flights from many other fantastic Scottish distilleries. If you take part in a whisky tour you’ll be guided through a whisky tasting where you can enjoy specially selected whiskies that are exclusively available at our distillery.

  3. Why do some people think whisky tastes better with age?

    Enjoying whisky is an individual experience shaped by many different factors. Sometimes your favourite whisky can even change with your mood! The flavour profile of a whisky is very subjective but is often believed to be created through production and maturation.

    Legally, Scotch Whisky has to be matured in oak casks for at least three years. The longer a whisky spends in a cask the more flavour it will take from the wood. Sometimes the sharp, sweet production flavours will be balanced with drier, woodier notes. Each master blender will decide what the best balance of flavours through maturation is. Older whisky can be more flavoursome and sometimes smoother but it's not always better!
  4. Does whisky still age once it has been bottled?

    A whisky only ages while it's maturing in an oak cask. Once the liquid enters the bottle it ceases aging.

  5. What is the angel's share?

    As the casks full of spirit wait and mature in the warehouse air passes through the wood and some liquid evaporates. Around 2% of the contents of the barrel are lost per year as a result. This is known as the ‘angel’s share.’ The longer the casks sit in the warehouse and breath, the more whisky is lost - which is one of the reasons why older whiskies are more expensive.

  6. Should I add water to whisky before I drink it?

    There are a number of ways you can drink whisky and there is no one correct way to do it. If you’re new to whisky you may wish to take it with a little bit of water. Adding a little bit of water helps to balance out the alcohol content and makes the drink a little smoother. This can even help to coax out some additional notes of the whisky.
  7. Can I come to the distillery if I am a smoker?

    We have designated smoking areas that must be used. These are located across from the main entrance towards the railing, only this area should be used if you are lighting a cigarette.

  8. I don't drink alcohol, can I still come on the tour? Can I get a discount for not drinking the whisky?

    We don't offer a discount for non-drinkers. The price of the tour is the price of the experience. There is the option to take your whisky away with you and you may want to share it with your loved ones once you get home. These are available for both The Clydeside Tour and The Chocolate & Whisky Tour.

  9. Is there parking at the distillery?

    There is free parking for all guests at the distillery. We have 17 parking spaces in total. Please bear in mind that this car park is locked overnight from 6pm-10am (the next day). We also have 3 spaces for those who require additional assistance.

  10. Is there coach parking at the distillery?

    Yes, we have coach parking facilities onsite. This is the overflow car park to the right-hand side of the guest car park on arrival. Please advise us if you are bringing a coach so that we can make sure a team member is there to welcome you and help direct your coach.

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getting to the distillery

  1. How do I get to the Clydeside Distillery?

    You can get to the Clydeside Distillery easily by car, bike, sight-seeing bus or public transport. We are centrally located next to the scenic River Clyde. Check out how to find us here.

  2. How do I get to the Clydeside Distillery by bus?

    We do not have a mainline bus stop outside the distillery. We do have a City Sightseeing Glasgow Tour bus stop at the distillery but only for their tour bus. The nearest bus stop would be located on Finneston Street via the Stagecoach x19 service which departs from Glasgow Central. From here it is a 10-minute walk along the Clyde passing the SEC & Crowne Plaza. Find the x19 Bus timetable here.

  3. How do I get to the Clydeside Distillery by train?

    You can get the train from Glasgow Centre Low Level to the Exhibition Train Station, this journey only takes about 5 minutes. It is then a10-minute walk from the Exhibition Centre station to The Clydeside Distillery. Follow signs for the SEC and we’re just a few minutes further along.

    From Partick (for mainline trains and subway), it’s a 20-minute walk. Follow the instructions above!

tour enquiries

  1. At what time do the distillery tours leave?

    We run three tours at the Clydeside Distillery: The Clydeside Tour, The Chocolate & Whisky Tour and our Distillery Manager Tour. The Clydeside Tour runs hourly from 10-4pm, the Chocolate & Whisky Tour runs daily at 3.30pm (with additional tours running Thursday-Saturday), and the Distillery Manager Tour runs every Thursday at 2pm. Find out more information and how to book your tour here.

  2. Can I book for a group of 10 guests or more?

    You can book for this number of guests by emailing us the enquiry details or giving us a call on +44 (0) 141 212 1401. Group discount available. Maximum tour capacity is 20 people, any bookings with more than this number will require more than one tour. Group booking tour slots are from 9.30-11.30am. Group bookings are always subject to availability.

  3. Do you offer a concession carer ticket?

    Carers go free at The Clydeside Distillery. Feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)141 212 1401 to book your Carer's ticket.

  4. Do you over discounts for students?

    Yes, student admission with a valid student ID is £13. People over 60 years old may also purchase a £13 ticket. Only available for The Clydeside Tour.

  5. Are children allowed on the distillery tour? / Is the distillery family-friendly?

    Yes, we have child admission tickets available for The Clydeside Tour. Admission costs £5 for those between 7-17 years old and any children under 7 years old go free. Children are not admitted to The Chocolate & Whisky tour.

  6. What is the difference between the Clydeside Tour & Chocolate & Whisky Tour?

    The Clydeside Tour has a 1 hour duration and includes our Dockside Story, guided distillery tour and a whisky tasting of 3 Wee drams in our stylish tasting room. Our Chocolate & Whisky Tour is 1 hour and 30 minute duration, still includes the Dockside Story and guided distillery tour, but involves a longer whisky tasting of 5 single malts each paired expertly with artisan chocolates.

chilli and chocolate on board

about the distillery

  1. When did the Clydeside Distillery open?

    The Clydeside Distillery opened in 2017 and is the new chapter of a rich local history dating back to the 1800s. The Clydeside Distillery is located within the Pumphouse building which originally controlled entry into the Queens Dock in Glasgow. Discover more about the history of the Clydeside Distillery here.
  2. Can I take photographs within the distillery?

    We do allow photography throughout areas in the distillery on the tour. There are restrictions on photography within our still house however as this is considered a high-risk atmosphere where a high-level alcohol spirit is being produced. As such, whilst production is on in the still house, only phone photography with no flash is allowed, no professional cameras will be allowed to be used on production days. 
  3. Does the cafe offer any vegetarian or vegan options?

    Our café offers two freshly prepared soups every day and it is the aim of the café for these both to be vegetarian and at least one soup vegan. Furthermore, there are also two vegetarian sandwich options; however, these are not vegan.
  4. Does the cafe offer gluten-free options?

    We have both gluten-free white & wholemeal bread available for our tasty sandwiches. Please specify to your server on the day which you would prefer. 

Cheese Platter

  1. Is the distillery open at the weekend?

    The distillery is open 10am until 5pm, 7 days a week. Tours run daily as standard, often with additional tours over the weekend. Find out more about the tour times here (link to tour landing page).
  2. Can wheelchair users go on the distillery tour?

    Yes, wheelchair users can join the distillery tour. We have a lift available to go up to the upper level to continue your tour. Once you are on the upper level, you do not need to use the lift again until the tour is finished to go back to the retail shop. Our distillery has been designed with the tour at the heart and thus space within the distillery is visitor-friendly. We also have 3 spaces available for those requiring additional assistance and also an accessible entrance door, which can be used instead of the revolving door entrance. Have a look at our Access Guide here (link to Access Guide).

  3. What was The Pumphouse building before it became a distillery?

    When the building was first built in 1877, it was the building that provided hydraulic power for the operation of the swing bridge to the Queen's Dock. The dock closed around the 1960s and since then the building has held several purposes: serving as both an Indian & Italian restaurant and also as the visitor centre for the Tall Ship, now located at the Riverside Museum.

  4. Can I reserve a table in the café?

    Our café runs on a first come first serve basis for guests. No reservations are available. If there are no tables available when you arrive, we will add your name to the waiting list and let you know as soon as a table is ready. Have a look at our café menu.

  5. Can I try or buy whisky from The Clydeside Distillery? Do you only sell whisky from The Clydeside Distillery?

    As The Clydeside Distillery has only been in operation since 2017, we are still currently waiting for our spirit to mature and become Single Malt Whisky. Under Scotch Whisky law, the spirit has to mature for a minimum of three years to be classed as Single Malt Whisky. At the moment on our tours, you will be able to sample some fantastic malts from different distilleries.

    On our Clydeside Tour, we have three exclusive 10-year-old whiskies that you cannot try or buy anywhere else. These are classic examples of three styles of malts, Lowland, Highland and Islay. At the moment, we do have our New Make Spirit available to purchase in our retail shop. This is our spirit that has finished distillation and is currently being filled into our casks to mature to become the Clydeside Single Malt. The New Make Spirit gives a little indication of what the spirit will be like once it has matured. Come and give it a try!

  6. Can I bring my dog to The Clydeside Distillery?

    We welcome working Assistance Dogs to The Clydeside Distillery and have dog bowls to make sure they are well hydrated. We do not allow other pets.